The Story Behind Cultivating a Community

I saw that some FFA chapters and leaders were starting podcasts. One thing I quickly learned from the long bus rides to competitions, is that my friends in the chapter are a lot of fun to talk to. So I thought, Why doesn’t the Belgrade chapter have a podcast? I thought about it, and figured I should start something up. I applied for a grant that our chapter’s alumni group was offering. They generously accepted my application, which gave me a good starting point.


A little while later, my dad did some business with Desert Mountain Broadcasting and mentioned my plan for the podcast. They reached out to me, and offered an awful lot of help, and a few pieces of useful equipment. I’d like to give a special thanks to all the staff at Desert Mountain Broadcasting for all the support and help you’ve given, thank you! We are now in the early stages of recording. Please email us if you have any suggestions for upcoming episodes, or any other feedback. Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy the Cultivating A Community podcast!

Meet Your Host

I’m Hayes Holland. I’m the host of Cultivating A Community, as well as the secretary of the Belgrade FFA Chapter. I grew up around agriculture. My dad had a small herd of Scottish Highlander cattle and grew alfalfa, and later bought what is now the WB Ranch and Arena, which I manage. He put me in 4-H when I was little, which I loved. So when I heard about FFA in my freshman year from some good friends of mine, it seemed fit that I join the organization. Much like 4-H, I quickly came to love it.

Hayes Holland

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